Pastors Perry, Fritz, Rob and Bill teach ERSU Advanced Preaching Class

At our seminary (ERSU) here in Kiev we are all about training pastors and other leaders for the church in Ukraine and the surrounding post-Soviet countries. Because most of our students are training for the ministry of the Word, one of the most important things we have the privilege of doing is to help train our students to be good preachers. We have two preaching classes in our Masters program for pastors as well as a regular assessed preaching practice for the students in the evenings. ITEM has been organizing preaching conferences for several years now in Ukraine, which are largely based on the excellent materials and format of the Simeon Trust. A few years ago we were able to host one of these conferences on preaching Christ from the Old Testament at the end of one of our week-long intensive courses.

Therefore, when scheduling our seminary Advanced Preaching class, I knew that ITEM had several well-qualified Homiletics teachers who had taught such conferences many times before in this context. I thought there would be benefit for our students to hear from more than one such experienced teacher and enquired if ITEM might even be willing to send two preaching lecturers. ITEM was not only able and willing to fulfil that request, but sent us four!

It was a privilege and pleasure for us to have Pastors Bill, Perry, Rob, and Fritz share not only their knowledge, but also their lives and extensive experience with the students. The students also heard actual examples of carefully crafted sermons from them and had the opportunity to ask them questions. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, the congregations of New Hope CRC, Sunnyslope CRC and Sunrise CRC for so generously sharing your pastors and their preaching gifts with us, so that we can by God’s grace, raise up a generation of skilled preachers for the Reformed, Presbyterian and other evangelical churches that our students come from. 

Thank you again for supporting your pastors in this strategic ministry and for making their trips and the training of future Ukrainian pastors possible through your prayers and giving.

Alister Torrens

Academic Dean, Evangelical Reformed Seminary of Ukraine

Missionary, International Theological Education Ministries

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