Dreaming of Greece?

I know I promised the story of Paul at the Areopagus and I hoped to send a video explaining his sermon from the site. Little did I realize that I would arrive there on the nicest day of the year and would have share the Areopagus with half of Athens! It was noisy and windy, not ideal video conditions. Or did I realize the cheaper hotels have cheaper WiFi. Pictures and posts bounced back.

Now that I am home, I will add a couple of educationally oriented posts. However, I will answer the five email questions about the feasibility of traveling to Greece on a budget. If this doesn’t interest you please hang on for the next post on Paul at the Areopagus.

Yes, I would encourage you to visit Greece if you have dreamt of doing so and here is the tip. Go in the off season!

March is lovely. Get away from the lingering winter in the Northwest and Midwest – and the hotels are still half off for their off-season rates. Where else can you connect with the Biblical sites of Athens, Amphipolis, Apollonia, Berea, Cenchreae, Corinth, Nicopolis, Philippi, and Thessalonica all in one country? There is also the option of a 3-4 day mini Aegaean cruise to Ephesus.

Permit me to help you budget for your dreams. Airfare simply is what it is, but I was very surprised by my rate. It was cheaper for me to go to Europe than for my wife to visit family in SD when I ticketed! So, plan in advance and look for the fare dips. Grab them when they show up. One of my colleagues ticketed FWP days later and paid nearly double. Plan ahead and pounce when the one-day sale comes.

My car rental in Greece was $11/day paid in advance and the international hassle free insurance was $11/day also paid in advance. The highways are excellent in Greece, but the catch is, the tolls are expensive! Plan on spending €100 (Euros) if you travel from Athens to Philippi or Nicopolis, but you retain independence. Neither Uber nor Lyft work outside Athens and taxis to Biblical sites are expensive. Being the independent type who doesn’t mind the time on the road, I chose the rental route – but Greece is deceptively large – so plan travel time.

Hotels or apartments will run €40 to €80 for a nice room or two bedroom apartment with a kitchenette. The perk in Europe is breakfasts are included in the rates and they are hearty. But why cook your own when you can feast for €15 and have a massive Greek salad with fresh sweet tomatoes?

And be Greek. Squeeze the whole fresh lemon cut in half over everything. My lemon was so sweet each dinner, I ate it like an orange.

So go to Greece and Go Greek when you dine.

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