….And a Word of Thanks

Thank you, people of God in Christ.

Thank you for providing continuing education for nearly 100 pastors these past three weeks. Thank you for challenging and shaping young men called to ministry. By God’s mercy for His Church, our Lord used a few mistake laden, sinful men to help prepare students and recharge men who feel weary and incomplete when they look at the task of ministry each and every day. We all feel a call. We have have had the community affirm that call – and we all need a little encouragement and help to keep the zeal and to improve our ability. By God working through you, and His mercy in us, we teamed up to charge the batteries and sharpen the preaching of Christ alone in nearly 100 pastors. That is not a bad effort. Thank you.

Thank you Council Members and people of New Hope for sending me to encourage and stimulate pastors just like me through a continuing education forum.

And thanks too, all Elders, Councils, Sessions, ITEM staff andBoard Members. Thanks to each of you in the vast network of Godly people that support ITEM and it’s ministry by your prayers and gifts. You are the essential piece of the call process for each of us you study and learn together on these short sessions.

Remember every call has to have two parts. There has to be the inner call of God upon the heart, but there also has to be the communal call to affirm and direct the the nature of the activity and validity of the inner call. So, we thank you for your obedience to God’s work in your hearts and in those he called to oversight in our congregations, as the ITEM staff and board, and those in the leadership of the groups we go to serve.

The pastors and brothers and sisters in Christ of Romania and two church groups in Ukraine thank you as well.

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